Gas Utilisation Pre-Apprenticeship


6 Months

To start as soon as possible.

Greater Manchester SkillCentre Unit B, Ashburton Point Wheelforge Way Ashburton Trafford Park Manchester

Course Overview

Unit 301 – Understanding Health and safety in gas utilisation.

This unit provides learners with the knowledge and understanding of the general health and safety requirements for working in the gas industry. It will cover such topics as the use and disposal of hazardous substances.


Unit 302- Understanding scientific principles in gas utilisation.

This unit is where such topics as the combined gas laws, energy efficiency legislation and the sources of energy and heat transfer are taught as an underpinning background to the environment of the gas industry. 


Unit 303- Understanding combustion and properties of gas..

What is natural gas made of, why does it burn?  How gas is transported around the network and how appliances are designed to work efficiently. These are some of the subjects that are covered in this unit.


Unit 304 – Understanding buildings, services and structures.

How buildings are constructed, what materials are used and how gas appliances interact and form part of the building are discussed in this unit. You will learn how to carry out important tests that prove a chimney’s suitability for certain gas appliances.


Unit 305-  Understanding Gas Safety.

This unit is a highly important and critical to the knowledge of a potential gas engineer, what to do in the event of a gas emergency, what is the unsafe situations procedure, how to test an installation to ensure its safety and ‘gas tightness’. The ability to identify faulty gas appliances, and what to do if with one if you do identify it!

This course covers: