Write to Sell More

How would you like to double your sales enquiries, orders or bookings from your sales emails, sales letters, brochures, website and exhibition stand, without spending a penny more?

3 hours

2 March 2017

9:30am - 12:30pm

Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EU

Course Overview

Learn how to write captivating headlines and highly persuasive promotional copy. Seven, easy-to-follow guidelines to ensure you consistently achieve the highest sales income from your investment in your promotional activities. Highly recommended.

Presented by Mike Kingston FInstSMM

Examples of how this masterclass can double, even treble, your sales

Design Council sales letter increased response by 280%
Simply by switching the focus of a sales letter targeted at decision makers of major UK manufacturers, the Design Council increased response by 280% - repeated for the three years of the program.

Sports Injury Therapists doubled their bookings from their website
Sports Injury therapists Fire and Earth in Warwickshire rewrote their website copy and more than doubled the number of enquiries for their services, even with prices much higher than their competitors.

Business Development Manager rewrote her sales emails and landed £5.6M contract
After the masterclass Clair Dyson switched her sales emails to focus on the outcomes to the customer, which led to securing her largest ever contract.

“I thought your seminar this morning was brilliant”
“Hit the nail on the head of what I need to do in my job as marketing executive for Netstar.”
Robert Dodds, Netstar IT Support

Seven promotional writing guidelines that ensure success
Whenever you begin or review a promotional activity or a marketing campaign, the seven easy-to-follow rules taught in this masterclass ensure you achieve the highest level of sales for your effort and investment. Step-by-step, the masterclass shows you how to construct persuasive copy for your sales emails, website, conversion landing pages, sales letters, sales literature and exhibition stand. 

Command immediate attention and compel decision makers to read
You’ll discover the best way to construct powerful headline and subheading combinations that cut through the mass of promotional messages that battle for the attention of your target decision makers. You’ll learn the secrets of taking potential customers or clients through a persuasive promotional message sequence that captures their interest and persuades them to take action. A final sixteen point checklist ensures that you don’t miss any of the important points, to maximise your sales opportunity.

Why this training will deliver higher sales for your business
Several thousand industrial, services and professional business, from across the UK, have already experienced this Mike Kingston masterclass with regional Chambers of Commerce, the EEF, business support organisations and other training providers.  In separate programs, Mike has taught design agencies, leading manufacturers and higher education colleges how to promote and market their services. 

What if you use a marketing agency
It’s important to achieve the highest results from your marketing and sales promotion spends. After all,  it's your money. This masterclass gives you the knowledge to brief your agency and judge the potential effectiveness of the work they produce.

In your complementary workbook
You take away a valuable workbook, packed with essential information that enables you to make people buy a lot more from you and a lot more often. The workbook includes three valuable checklists for content, writing and layout. 

What delegates said about this masterclass

  • “When we applied the content and writing principles to our website we more than doubled the number of enquiries for our services, even with prices much higher than our competitors. It really does work!” Tanya Reid-Moor, Chief Exec, Fire and Earth. (Sports Injury Therapists)
  • "When we applied the principles to our revised brochure for Design Council events, bookings increased a staggering 380% over previous years."
    Dr.Colin Mynott, MD, Training for Industry & Commerce Services

This course covers:

This is a half-day masterclass packed with case studies - based on real-world results and research studies - that confirm what works and what fails.

  • How you write sales email subject lines that win the two-second ‘read-me’ challenge
    And how to structure your copy to stimulate potential buyer into taking action.
  • How to write website pages that generates significantly more enquiries and sales
    And it’s not just about you and what you sell.
  • How you write sales letters that compel decision makers to read and take action
    In just two seconds, prospects decide to read or bin. The masterclass confirms what sells best.
  • How you craft headlines that capture the attention of senior decision makers
    How you stand-out and get attention in a forest of competing promotional messages.
  • How you employ powerful subheadings to persuade prospects to read your copy
    A very important tactic for influencing prospects who scan read.
  • Exhibitions and trade shows– stand copy that doubles your visitors
    How you attract twice as many genuine decision makers (and pull in your competitors’ customers).
  • How you overcome ‘writers block’ – forever
    Stop fretting, copy writing is a lot easier than you think when you take the right approach.