How apprenticeship recruitment works

Step 1 - Job description and Training

We will work with you to draw up a job description for your vacancy and agree the most appropriate training programme for you and your Apprentice.

Step 2 - Funding and Grants

We will assess your eligibility for funding and any wage incentives to support salary costs.
Training and qualification costs are fully funded by the Government in most cases. If you take on an adult, however, you may be required to pay a small contribution towards the training.

Step 3 - Salary Level

Our industry specialist staff will advise you on the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage and
provide guidance on a suitable salary for your position given the type of Apprenticeship, level of job role and candidate specification you are looking for.

Step 4 - Advertise

When you recruit with us, we will advertise your vacancies through our established school and 6th form networks, Jobcentre Plus, Connexions, National Apprenticeship service website and extensive digital networks - all at no cost to you.

Step 5 - Testing and Short-listing

We will short-list the candidates that best match your requirements and undertake a structured assessment with each candidate, including aptitude and skills testing where

Step 6 - Interview and Offer

We will set up interviews so you can select the most suitable candidate for your role, make an offer and then agree a start date.

Step 7 - Induction and Training

When your apprentice starts work you are responsible for their induction programme,
you will provide on-the-job training and paying their wages.

Step 8 - Apprenticeship Training

Our industry expert will visit your employee in the workplace to guide them through the units of the qualification and agree their training plan. Most of the qualification is delivered in the workplace with little disruption to day to day activities but some off the job may be required, depending on the type of job role.

Step 9 - Further Training

When your Apprentice has completed their qualification we will work with you to diagnose
any further training requirements and agree a bespoke training plan fo you and your employee.