Dropping out of college?

If you're thinking about dropping out of college or you've already dropped out - you're probably looking at what your options are. Finishing college or sixth form early isn't always the end of the world. You can still achieve qualifications, continue your education and get a job in your dream career. dropping out of college

Ever wondered about getting an apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are becoming a popular choice for many young people, since you can still gain a nationally-recognised qualification, but earn money and get experience at the same time.

While they've always been popular in trades like engineering and construction, there's an ever-expanding range of apprenticeships in areas like accountancy, childcare, IT and digital marketing.

Businesses love taking on apprentices, since they get funding from the government to cover the cost of your training and can train young people to match the needs of specific roles in their company.

We've helped almost 100,000 young people to take the first step towards a rewarding career - take a look at some of our apprenticeship options below.

If you're interested in finding out more about apprenticeships, but aren't sure where to start - get in touch with our friendly team today and we'll be happy to talk through your options:

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Why choose an apprenticeship?

With an apprenticeship, you can earn a wage while still getting a qualification - on average with our vacancies, you can earn around £180 per week. This is a big benefit to getting an apprenticeship because you can afford to do more things, become more independent and even buy your own car! Also, an apprenticeship won't cost you a penny - your apprenticeship training is free and you can progress from entry to degree level.

Many businesses are looking for candidates with real-life work experience, so delving into a career at a young age can give you a competitive edge, which will help you secure jobs in years to come. 

Here's just some of the things you can do an apprenticeship in:

Accounting Apprenticeships

If you’re good with numbers, and fancy a career that’s all about money, an apprenticeship in accounting could be for you. This is a fast and effective pathway into the world of accounting - getting you fully qualified in just five years. The best first step is one of our pre-apprenticeship courses which can fast track you to an advanced apprenticeship. As an accounting apprentice you accounting apprenticeshipscould be working on: 

  • Balance accounts
  • Process invoices and payments 
  • Complete VAT returns 
  • Prepare financial reports

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Business Admin Apprenticeships 

Business administration is an important support role within any business organisation and can be a stepping stone to a variety of careers, as well as higher education opportunities. Typical daily activities for a business admin apprentice would be:business admin apprenticeships

  • Producing business documents
  • Preparing for and attending meetings 
  • Using a range of IT packages 
  • Managing and improving performance 

If you want to work in the world of business and fancy a varied role you can make your own, then a business admin apprenticeship could be your stepping stone: 

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Childcare Apprenticeships

Childcare apprenticeships are a way into a varied, fun, flexible and ultimately satisfying career path for which a variety of skills are necessary in helping children to grow emotionally, physically and socially. Childcare apprentices will typically make sure the children childcare apprenticeshipsthey are working with are:

  • Looked after
  • Kept active, happy and nourished
  • Developing social and practical skills

If you want a rewarding career working with children then a childcare apprenticeship is for you! Talk to one of the team to start your apprenticeship journey: 

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Construction, Automotive and Engineering Apprenticeships 

Looking at more of a practical, hands on apprenticeship? There are many apprenticeships on offer in the construction industry with construction apprenticeshipscareers such as: plastering, plumbing, electrical, scaffolding and tiling. If you have attention detail and looking to work with cars, then take a look at automotive apprenticeships. However, if you want to develop a career in engineering - an apprenticeship is quickly becoming the best and most popular route to achieve skilled status as an engineer. 

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Hairdressing Apprenticeships 

Do you have a creative flair and are interested in working in the hairdressing industry? On a hairdressing apprenticeship, you'll hairdressing apprenticeshipslearn all aspects of the hairdressing trade such as: 

  • Cutting
  • Styling
  • Perming techniques
  • Customer care and reception

If you want a career in hairdressing working for a company like Toni & Guy, Stuart James Hairdressing and The Barber Shop, get in touch: 

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IT and Marketing Apprenticeships

The UK’s thriving IT and marketing industries need qualified individuals. If you're creative and interested in branding and technology then a career in marketing could be for you. If you're a problem solver and enjoy working with computers, then a career in IT and it and marketing apprenticeshipsweb would be perfect for you. 

In an IT career, you could be performing tasks such as: creating websites and software applications, producing reports and fixing computer faults. 

In a marketing career, you could be doing tasks such as: implementing marketing strategies, coordinating events and creating promotional materials. 

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