Last week we worked with a great student from William Hulme's Grammar School. At the end of the week, he reflected on his time with us and this is what he had to say....

Today is the last day of my work experience here at The Skills Company. Over the past few days I have travelled to schools and colleges across Manchester, shadowing members of the Schools and Engagement team. This experience has helped me to gain more confidence in public speaking.

The team also helped me think about where I should start my career. I have thought about starting my own business in the future, making and designing T-shirts. I met another employee that works in the Marketing department, named Chloe. She gave me useful tips on where I could begin. She suggested that I should work at a printing company to see what it’s like using printing machines to print designs onto T-shirts, as experience in the area you are interested in is always really useful.

During this whole week I have had massive opportunities open up to me. On 28th March I am going to be on the radio. It is North Manchester FM. I thought I would never be able to go on the radio unless I was famous! Now though, I will be working with the team to speak about what it was like doing work experience here at The Skills Company and what I thought of it.

I would love to work for an organisation like The Skills Company in the future because it opens up opportunities, opportunities that you wouldn't think of.

I am so glad that I came to do work experience, because it has made me think about what job I would like to do in the future and how I can shape my future career.

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