Five great lessons for success from The Skills Company Managing Director, Jayne Worthington:

1)      Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and your ideas. If you don’t, other people won’t. If anyone doubts you, prove them wrong but always be true to yourself.

2)      Be passionate about what you do

If you do something that you enjoy and are passionate about, you are much more likely to do it well and succeed.

3)      Never stop learning

We are all constantly learning and those who continue to grow their knowledge base, investing time and effort in understanding their chosen industry, the tools available and future trends are setting themselves up to go far.

 4)      Always ask questions

We all know it is important to listen but successful people also always ask questions. Don’t ever feel embarrassed about asking for help when you need it, everyone is there to learn about the sector they work in, the company they work for and the job they do.

 5)      Be accountable for yourself/your actions

Be willing to take ownership of situations you are involved in, whether that be your choices, actions, attitude, behaviour or a combination of all four. If things go wrong don’t blame others, reflect on your actions, take responsibility and crucially, make things right.