The announcement of GCSE results on Thursday this week will mark the end of weeks of anxiety for many young people, but also a key decision time for them and their parents.  Of course many teenagers will already have their next steps clearly mapped out, and the exam results will only confirm their plans, but for some it will be a time of big decisions.  Greater Manchester’s largest Apprenticeship training provider, The Skills Company has set out some handy hints to help young people to get through this testing time.


  1.     Don’t panic!  Even if your results weren’t what you were hoping for, there will still be a positive way forward.
  2.     Focus on your own situation. There will be lots of tears and tantrums on results day with emotional highs and lows going on all around you.  Make sure you focus on your own results and what you need to do next – don’t get dragged into other people’s dramas!
  3.     Get advice – if you’re not sure about your next step, get in touch with the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900 for guidance.
  4.     If your first option no longer looks achievable, have a Plan B.
  5.     Don’t be swayed by peer pressure – you need to do what’s right for you, not follow the crowd.
  6.     Consider ALL your options – both academic and vocational.
  7.     Think about how you learn best – academic study doesn’t suit everyone, for many, a more practical way of learning like an Apprenticeship is a better option.
  8.     If you were planning on an Apprenticeship, but didn’t get the grades you needed, consider a Traineeship, where you can get valuable work experience, and help with employability skills.  If you didn’t get GCSE A to C in Maths and English, you can get additional support on a Traineeship and re-sit the exams.
  9.     The new law about raising the participation age doesn’t mean that you have to stay on at school until you’re 18, Traineeships and Apprenticeships also meet the requirements.
  10. Once you’ve decided on your next steps, move forward with confidence and conviction – your whole future is ahead of you so enjoy it!