Leaving school this summer? Worried about April application deadlines? Don’t be, you can apply for an Apprenticeship with The Skills Company at any time!

Just like with college and university, it is beneficial if you submit your applications to us as early as possible but unlike school or college, we don’t work off academic years, so there is no set time when an Apprenticeship has to begin or a deadline for getting your application to us.

An Apprenticeship is a real job, with real progression opportunities and a real salary, so like most other jobs, Apprentices are recruited all year round, to meet the needs of the employing business.

It is always useful to start your search early, so you can find out as much information as possible about the Apprenticeship and the company. Once you have found the type of Apprenticeship you like and have applied to us, we will invite you along to an industry specific open event, where you will find out more about the different job opportunities and pathways in your chosen industry and how we can help you to really kick start your career.

Like college and sixth form, you cannot start an Apprenticeship whilst still in full-time education but if you are in year 11 now, you can apply to us for an Apprenticeship which starts in the summer, once you have finished school. Like most jobs, Apprenticeships often have specific entry requirements, which you will need to meet before you can begin. If you don’t get the grades you are hoping for though, don’t panic; contact us to see how we can help.

All of our Apprenticeships meet the new legislation on raising the age of participation, meaning that young people need to continue to study or train until the age of 18.

14th to 18th March 2016 is National Apprenticeship week. During this week you will see lots of events and activities taking place across England, showcasing Apprenticeships and giving you a good idea of what an Apprenticeship involves. You don’t need to wait until March though, you can apply to us today by visiting www.theskillsco.com, emailing: recruitment@theskillsco.com or calling: 0161 233 2656.