It is now a legislative requirement that all young people stay in some form of education or training until their 18th birthday. This legislative change raised a lot of questions, brought in quite a bit of confusion and, in some cases, a mistaken belief that all young people had to stay in school or sixth form until they were 18 years old. Below we try to bust a few of these myths and provide other helpful hints and tips:

1)      Raising the Participation Age is not the same as raising the school leaving age – that will stay the same (16).  What it does mean is your child will be able to choose the best post-school option to suit their career needs. This can be full-time education or an alternative option, such as work-based learning in the form of an Apprenticeship.

 2)      Raising the Participation Age doesn’t stop young people from working full-time, as long as that full-time work has a training element.

 3)      Young people can leave school at 16 and go elsewhere, they don’t need to stay at the same school or go to the local college to do classroom based learning, they can choose an Apprenticeship, Traineeship or course with a range of local colleges or independent training providers as a viable alternative.

 4)      More information on Raising the Participation Age can be found here: 

If your child would like to begin an Apprenticeship or Traineeship when they leave school this summer, contact us now on: 0161 233 2656 or email: We can help now, so they have plans in place for as soon as they finish school.