Former Apprentice Roman provides some great hints and tips, to ensure your first week as an Apprentice runs as smoothly as possible....

    1. Do a trial run the day before, so that you know which bus to get on, where to get off, where to park and how long the journey takes. Always give yourself extra time for the journey.

    2. Turn up with your tools – whether you work in an office or on a building site, everyone has tools. Whether that’s a note book or your boots and hat, turn up prepared.

    3. Demonstrate a great attitude and be prepared to work hard.

    4. Ask questions - don't worry about what people may think – there really is no such thing as a stupid question. It is always better to ask and be sure than to just carry on.

    5. Leave your phone in your pocket/bag until break time – you are there to work.

    6. Ask for more work if you are struggling for things to do/have finished – taking responsibility for your workload helps to make a good first impression.

    7. Use your induction and training time to help you get a better understanding of the business and how it works.

    8. Everyone makes mistakes – honesty goes a long way. If you make a mistake, tell someone and learn from the experience.

    9. Don’t expect to know everything straight away. Other people will have worked with the company for many years. Your manager will know you are an apprentice and it is their responsibility, as well as yours, to develop you.