As a minimum, all low-risk workplaces such as a small office should have a first aid kit and a person appointed to take charge of first aid arrangements.

We asked our First Aid trainer, Lee to see what he recommends for businesses to have in their first aid kits. He said:

“The contents of a first aid kit depends on the type of business. Companies that are dealing with food should have brightly coloured plasters and burns dressings, whereas organisations that could have accidents causing a severe loss of blood should have haemostatic dressings and tourniquets.

However, all businesses should have the following in their first aid kit:

  •          Guidance card
  •          Face shield
  •          Safety pins
  •          Small, medium, large, extra-large dressings
  •          Plasters (hypoallergenic)
  •          Alcohol free wipes
  •          Low adherent dressings
  •          Micropore tape
  •          Triangular bandage
  •          Powder free latex free gloves
  •          Tweezers
  •          Saline eye wash (outside the kit ideally)
  •          Eye pads minimum of 2
  •          Burns dressings
  •          Foil survivor blanket

My useful tip is to avoid keeping medication in a first aid kit and check expiry dates!”

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