This week we have been working with a Work Experience student from Cheadle and Marple College. This is what she had to say about her experience with us.... 

Working for The Skills Company has helped me to gain a lot of new skills, which will be useful to me in the future and has also allowed me to see that there are alternative routes after college or sixth form.

I decided to undertake my work experience placement with The Skills Company as I wanted to see what the working environment is like and what it’s like working for a large organisation. I have found The Skills Company to be a really helpful company, which aims to support and help people move further in life and achieve their career goals. It has been a great opportunity for me working with everyone. All of the staff have been very welcoming and really helpful. They have been there for me every step of the way. Everyone seems lovely and laid back and the work I have been given has been challenging but has been worth it, as I have been given help when needed. Everyone is very hard working. They treat you as if you are a real employee, so you feel like you are part of their team.  

Not only that, I have not just sat in the office all day doing my work, I have had the chance to go out and do great stuff like going to events and being part of the event.  Gaining confidence, communication skills and much more!  I have been out to other colleges, high schools and sixth forms, giving the students information on their options and showing that university isn’t the only option when you leave school or college; there are also Apprenticeship options amongst many more choices!

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