This week we have been working with a Work Experience student from William Hulme's Grammar School, this is what he had to say about his time with us....

Doing work experience at The Skills Company helps you gain more knowledge about Apprenticeships and how you can apply for one. I am a student at William Hulme Grammar School in Year 10 and I would like to apply for an Apprenticeship when I have finished college. This way I can develop my skills in a specific industry, whilst still working towards nationally recognised qualifications. Doing an Apprenticeship will also prepare me well for my future.

The Skills Company is a large organisation in Manchester and the North West. The company aims to support those who wish to achieve more in life and in their career. The work that you are set is challenging and it helps you learn new things. Not only do you get to work at the office but you get to travel to events and schools. Everyone treats you like you are part of the team and a real employee.

This work experience has been far more enjoyable than I thought it would be, I’m glad I came!