We spoke to apprentices at Greater Manchester SkillCentre on what they like about their apprenticeship and their experience at the SkillCentre. 

Thomas Branch, Level 3 Apprenticeship in Gas

What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship I’d say was the work learning balance to be honest I’m quite a hands on person, so what I like learning new things, obviously coming here once a week and getting the knowledge in and the classroom work is the right balance just having that one day the other 4 working.

Ezra Fletchman, Level 3 Apprenticeship in Gas

What I like about the Greater Manchester SkillCentre is all the staff are very helpful, whether it be the assessors to the tutors to even the office staff, everyone helps you whatever the support it is you need to help you get your qualification.

Thomas Branch

Since coming to the Greater Manchester SkillCentre I’ve basically started from the ground up, I’ve never done any gas works in relation to what I’m doing at the minute so everything’s fresh, everything’s brand new and everything that I’ve learnt here is basically going towards what I can supply to the company and help them grow.

Nicholas John Pollard-Ingram, Level 2 Apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

The thing I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is probably not every day’s the same, some days we could be dong a clutch, or other days we could be doing general servicing.

Kieran Gray, Level 2 Apprenticeship in Vehicle Paint Refinishing

One day I was sanding a car down, you know getting it all prepped up, masking it, the next day I was using a paint gun to prime it to get it ready for painting, then we ended up painting it so I got to use the proper paint gun – full experience in all one week it was great, I love it.

Nicholas John Pollard-Ingram

After I finish I want to undertake the level 3 light vehicle maintenance and repair and hopefully do a management course so I can hopefully start my own business.

Kieran Gray

The location’s really great for me; I can catch one of the free minibuses that come here so it’s really like convenient. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to come to.  

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