Digital Marketing Apprentice Ryan is one of The Skills Company's newest Apprenticeship Ambassadors and he tells us about his current Apprenticeship with Perfect Sense Energy.


What qualification are you doing?

Social Media and Digital Marketing Level 3.


What made you interested in doing an Apprenticeship?

I was interested in earning a salary whilst gaining work experience and training at the same time as working towards a recognised qualification.


How did you get your Apprenticeship?

The process was very easy and straight forward, I searched for an Apprenticeship online and applied for a vacancy listed on the government website. I had a phone call from The Skills Company and was then registered and invited to go for an informal interview with the marketing team. They put me forward for the role at Perfect Sense Energy and arranged my interview. Afterwards I was offered the position and The Skills Company organised all of my training, they have been very informative and helpful.


What support and training have you received during your Apprenticeship?

I'm currently in the process of completing my Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Level 3 and have been placed on a few courses to help me to develop my skills. The marketing tutor offers lots of help with any work I am struggling with and also visits my company to do reviews.


What do you do in your role day to day?

It's quite varied, I arrange data, design campaigns, post on social media channels, manage the website and do other tasks relevant to the business such as energy brokerage and lighting plans.


What are your future career plans and goals?

I want to progress with my training and then move on to do my level 4. Potentially I will look at going to university and then perhaps doing a full time role in an executive marketing position.