After leaving St Cuthbert’s High School in St Helens with good GCSE grades, Jordan McHenry started a BTEC course in IT at St Helens College.  However, Jordan realised that this was not the career path he wanted to follow, and left the course to consider his options.  In February 2015, after a number of months being unemployed, Jordan applied to The Skills Company for a Traineeship in Retail.

Jordan came for an interview at the St Helens Training Centre, where he discussed a number of retail options with Placement Consultant, Dan Hughes.  Dan also discussed the benefits of a Traineeship with Jordan, who at that time was quite shy, and lacking in interpersonal skills, confidence, and communication skills.

An interview for a Traineeship was set up for Jordan at the retailer “Savers Health and Beauty”. Savers currently run over 230 stores, offering health & beauty products and household goods, and he started his placement there in March 2014.  After speaking to Jordan, the manager of the store said she could already see real potential in him.

At Savers, Jordan was immediately thrown in at the deep end and he rose to the challenge.  He was buddied up with an existing member of staff who looked after him and who he was able to go to if he had any problems. The manager took an instant liking to Jordan saying that she could see his potential and that as long as he was keen and showed initiative she would support him as much as possible to gain employment.

Jordan struck up a good rapport with the manager and the rest of the team and he built up his confidence and stock knowledge to be able to develop his customer service skills.  After two weeks Jordan was also trained on the till, and soon afterwards won the company’s Savers Star Salesman of the month for selling the most impulse buys and he also won the Skills Company’s Placement of the Month award.  After four months on his Traineeship, Jordan was delighted to be taken on as a full time employee.

Jordan said:  “My Traineeship helped me to gain confidence within myself.  I have learned a wide range of skills which have helped me progress in my retail training”.