Manchester based Unique Collections Limited launched its Forever Unique luxury clothing brand in 2007. In just a few years, Forever Unique has become one of the fastest growing designer labels in the UK, expanding both on and off line. By tracking the latest catwalk trends, Forever Unique aims to create a high-end designer look, at an affordable price. Forever Unique dresses are priced to suit all budgets and the Forever Unique prom dresses are inspirational show-stopping creations. Celebrities are regularly photographed wearing Forever Unique dresses and it was a Forever Unique prom dress that won ‘Best Dress at Ascot’.

The company has undergone spectacular growth, experiencing its best season ever and expanding into the US market, with a strong presence in Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The Skills Company has successfully provided Health & Safety support for Unique Collections for several years as they did not have their own in-house expertise. Our consultant acts as the company’s appointed competent person. The consultant ensures the company’s policies and procedures are compliant with Health & Safety legislation and that risk assessments are in place for all activities in the workplace. The consultant also updates documentation and provides on-going support and mentoring in order to up-skill staff so there is an understanding of the work being undertaken and how this meets the organisation’s legal requirements on Health & Safety.

Sumit Jairath, Head of Operations, at Unique Collections is very impressed with the service from the Academy.

“The first thing that surprised me was how business focused the service is. I thought it would just be a list of rules and regulations - but it’s actually about helping us to work more productively and efficiently.”

“I’ve also been very impressed with the Health & Safety documentation. It’s simple, concise and easy to follow. It takes just a few minutes to take our staff through the procedures and they can understand and appreciate the benefits, very quickly.”

“Every part of the Health & Safety Policy is relevant to our business. I only appreciated this when we were approached by another provider. The other company produced a big stack of ring-binder files and suggested a more complicated approach. Clearly this would be appropriate for a large industrial plant, but not for a small office-based environment like ourselves.”

“The fact that I’m dealing with an expert is another enormous benefit. We’re not just accessing a call centre or an on-line service. We’re dealing with a real person. I’ve also found the customer service to be excellent. Everyone from The Skills Company has been responsive, friendly and helpful. They make me feel like I’m their only customer. That’s the way we treat our customers at Unique - and it’s the way we like to be treated.”