Name: Emilia
Age: 19
Pre-Apprenticeship: Engineering Pre-Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship: Electrical Design and Draughtsperson Apprenticeship
Apprentice at: JJLC Engineering Design Services Limited
Provider: The Skills Company

Emilia did a pre-apprenticeship course in engineering with The Skills Company before using This is Me and getting her current apprenticeship.

Emilia says:
Being an apprentice I enjoy learning new skills every day and designing services to buildings, travelling to different jobs for progress and design team meetings

Why did you decide to become an apprentice?

I felt it would help me to develop my skills more effectively and allow me to be taught in a way that best suits me. This is because I work better when using my hands and senses as stimuli as I am a visual and practical learner.

What is one of your favourite aspects of the job role?

Completing engineering drawings using AutoCAD as I find it is a really easy software to use and I enjoy using my theoretical knowledge and understanding of the job to work out how far away particular items must be placed away from each other, where they must be placed and continuing to learn why specific items should go in a particular place or why they can’t be put somewhere else.

Another aspect would have to be going on site as I enjoy seeing how much of the job that I designed has started /been completed and the next stages the workers are going to take to complete the job. This also helps me when working on future designs as I can visualise where items should/could be placed, but also consider the reasons why the item can’t be put there.

What would you say to young people considering an apprenticeship?

I would say that it is a great opportunity for them to work their way up in a particular sector and will help them to know whether or not they will continue enjoying the work they will be carrying out.

Do you think This is Me is useful for people looking to develop their employability in preparation for applying for apprenticeships?

This is Me is definitely helpful in supporting learners in their next steps.

What advice would you give to young people to help them get the most from an apprenticeship?

Take in everything they are being taught and try their best as this will enable them to understand exactly what they need to do, and they will be less likely to struggle with the work. Always ask if you are unsure as you won’t learn if you don’t do the work and your employer can’t show you what to do if they don’t know you’re struggling.

Employers’ comments

Since Emilia joined us a few months ago she has become a valuable part of the team. She is very respectful and polite and gets on with any job that has been asked of her. Her timekeeping and punctuality is 100% along with her attitude to work. She is a very bright young woman who is willing to learn and grasps each task with both hands ready and willing to go. She has the enthusiasm to learn new skills and design techniques for which her role entails.