We spoke to Geoff Beentjes, managing director of Hoist It Ltd, about why his company takes on apprentices. 

My name is Geoff Beentjes, I am the managing director of Hoist It Ltd. Hoist It Ltd was established in 1985, we’re a specialist plant hire company, hiring and servicing rack and pinion construction hoists.

Why did you take on an apprentice?

We take on apprentices because we find that with the specialist needs of the business, it’s easier to train people from a young age in the skillset that they need to deliver for the business, is easier than trying to actually recruit or retrain existing members of staff.

How have you found working with The Skills Company?

The Skills Company has been absolutely fantastic, from the assessors that come in, the feedback that we get and the end result we’re seeing with the current batch of apprentices. I can only say it’s been a good experience.

What advice would you give employers who are thinking about recruiting an apprentice?

I can only speak from Hoist It’s experience in that we can train apprentices up to the needs of the business, rather than having to train or retrain existing staff members. 

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