Nick Buckley:

19 year old Nick Buckley joined the Skills Company on a Traineeship to improve his Maths and English grades and his employability skills. Since a young age he had always wanted to work with cars but had a bad experience with a previous employer which had knocked his confidence.

Staff at Salford Training Centre noticed that Nick had low confidence and some difficulty remembering things in detail. He had previously started an Apprenticeship in a local garage through his college, however, he felt that he wasn’t being fully supported by the employer and therefore wasn’t learning any new skills.

Nick has now been placed with a supportive employer; Neil Hughes Car and Body in Irlam and his confidence and determination has increased ever since. He is now very committed to his training and travels for over an hour each day to attend the Training Centre - he never misses a session and is always on time.

The employer is really pleased with Nick’s progress whilst on placement, which started on the 28th September 2016.


Neil Hughes, Employer:

“Nick is gaining knowledge of preparing various vehicles and is always willing to help and is working really well. We’re very pleased with his progress.”

Sarah Nicholson, Placement Consultant - Salford Training Centre:

“There is an excellent chance of this Traineeship being converted into an Apprenticeship. I had no problem whatsoever putting Nick in front of a good quality employer because his attitude to learning is excellent and he is so dedicated.”

Ruth Bruckshaw, Centre Manager - Salford Training Centre:  

“Nick always wanted to work with cars and we have seen his confidence grow, he comes in with a smile now, saying how much he is enjoying this opportunity.”


Erivaldo Antonia:

Erivaldo Antonia is a recent learner at Salford Training Centre. Originally from the Netherlands, his English has been a challenge and barrier to his progression in the UK. He was initially very quiet and started on a non-accredited learning programme.

He is now doing business administration and is on a work placement with Salford Bidvest where he is learning many new skills. The Manager of Bidvest started Erivaldo with tasks on the reception area to help him with his English language skills. As the company employs many different nationalities, staff at Salford Training Centre thought it would be a supportive place for Erivaldo to start his experience of work placements and to build his confidence.

Erivaldo aspires to become an accountant in the future and this has been built into his work placement. He is another learner whose attendance is excellent, never having missed a session.


Anna Dolata, Placement Manager at Bidvest:

“We are going to place Erivaldo within the finance team next as part of his development. He is quiet, but doing really well. One barrier he needs to overcome is answering the telephone which we will be supporting him with in the coming weeks. Otherwise we are really, really happy with him so far.”

Erivaldo Antonia:

‘I am enjoying the placement and I’ve been learning how to frank and operate the company postal system, and working on CRM called Reflex alongside using Microsoft Outlook and Excel. I am learning to do the credits and returns and checking orders before dispatch.”

Sarah Nicholson, Placement Consultant - Salford Training Centre:

“It was such a great feeling to visit Erivaldo at Bidvest for his first placement review recently and to see him sitting dressed smartly and smiling behind the Bidvest reception. His confidence has really grown and the placement is being managed so that he can move towards the finance department, which is the area of business he is interested in.”