Name: Maddy
Age: 16
Went to: Stockport Academy, left in 2016
Apprenticeship: Level 2 Hairdressing
Apprentice at: That Hair Place since September 2016

Maddy did a six week study programme with The Skills Company to increase employability skills and gain experience of being in a hair salon environment. During this course, Maddy went on This is Me to find out more about herself, increase her employability skills, do her CV and look for vacancies.

Maddy says:

‘I’ve always wanted to do hairdressing and doing the six week course with The Skills Company made me even more sure that this is the career for me. It was an opportunity to see if I liked hairdressing, increase my confidence, make friends, and get used to The Skills Company, which was good as I then got onto an apprenticeship through them. Now I go to The Skills Company once a week to do my training. The rest of the week I go to work at That Hair Place.’

I love working here, it’s a happy environment, and I’ve been made to feel really welcome.

I’m learning lots and I look forward to coming to work and learning more!‘

What would she say to young people considering doing an apprenticeship?

‘I’d say go for an apprenticeship, especially if you like doing practical work. I’m picking up new things all the time.’

What advice would you give to young people to help them get the most from an apprenticeship?

‘It can be nerve-wracking at the start, as you’re not used to being in a work environment. If there’s a chance to do a course or a trial to see how you get on, take it! Make sure you’re doing the right apprenticeship, work hard and show commitment.’

Employers’ comments – Natalie and Leanne – owners of That Hair Place:

‘We took Maddy on straight from school, and she’s been with us for nearly 6 months. She’s coming on really well, her initiative to learn is great and she continually wants to do more, she gets excited when learning new things, and is always asking questions, which we love!’

Advice to employers thinking of taking on an apprentice:

‘Apprenticeships are great – working and training at the same time is definitely the way forward.

The best thing about apprenticeships is that employers can train the apprentice from scratch to do things the way they want. We have two apprentices with us at the moment including Maddy and hope to keep them on once we’ve trained them up.

We offer all apprentices a three month paid trial to start with, so they get used to working with us, and we can see how they get on. This works for us, as there are clear expectations between us and the apprentice, and they know there’ll be an open conversation about the future during the three months.’