We spoke to Simon Wharton, managing director of e-commerce consultancy PushOn, about why his company takes on apprentices.



Can you tell us a little bit about PushOn?

PushON are an e-commerce consultancy based out of Manchester. We’ve been going for about 12 years so far. We specialise in building websites, particularly on Magento and Shopware we also build in Wordpress and do some custom work as well. We also do online marketing, so that’s SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click advertising) and paid social.

I’m on the council for Manchester Digital, which is the trade body for digital industry in the north-west, where we invest in trying to improve the digital landscape around here. 

Why do you take on apprentices?

We really like apprentices, because they are young people who have a really strong work ethic, which we like. Quite often they’re young people who’ve decided that university is not the place for them, so they've decided they want to get into a work environment where they can learn from some of the best in the profession, which I think we are.

So we get great productivity out of them early on and we exchange that for some best of breed learning for them. They enjoy the environment, we get a great sense of pride about developing well-rounded, highly skilled people and it works for everyone.

For us the most important thing is work ethic, so we take on those apprentices and we improve their skills, we give them genuine work to do on commercial websites, we get great productivity out of them great quality of work out of them as well. So we certainly win as a business and we help them develop their skill sets and from there, their career.

How have you found working with The Skills Company?

Working with The Skills Company has been excellent and that’s very easily evidenced by the amount of apprentices we’ve taken on through them. I’ve just come out of a meeting where we’ve decided that we need to take on some more apprentices, and we’ll be talking to The Skills Company about that very shortly.


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