New research has revealed that apprentices earn almost £4,000 more than graduates per year in their first job. The study by polled 2,614 young adults, all of whom had started their first job after completing an Apprenticeship or degree in the last 12 months.

According to the poll, those who undertake an Apprenticeship are likely to earn, on average, £3,729 more per year than those who have attended university in their first job role.

According to the survey, only 8% of the respondents who completed an Apprenticeship wished they had studied for a degree, whilst 33% of those who had graduated from university wished they had opted for an Apprenticeship. When asked to state why, ‘to save getting in to debt’ (31%) and ‘full-time education wasn’t for me’ (24%) were the most common responses amongst the graduates. 

Jayne Worthington, Interim Managing Director of Greater Manchester’s largest Apprenticeship provider, said: “The results of this survey clearly show that the Apprenticeship route is proving not only beneficial to companies who are investing in the future of their workforce, but also to the young people who choose this option. The vast majority of these young people remain in employment with the company they have completed their Apprenticeship with, have been earning throughout their training and go on to have prosperous careers.”