A new report by the City of London Corporation claims that London will remain the centre of infrastructure finance and project management "for decades to come". With this in mind, creating talent in project management has become pivotal.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the level 4 associate project manager standard - from what’s included to the roles it’s suitable for.

A brief introduction

The level 4 associate project management standard sits within funding band nine, with a maximum funding cap of £9,000 per apprentice (or £900 if you’re funding it via co-investment).

It typically takes up to 24 months to complete, and covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Project governance

  • Project stakeholder management

  • Project communication

  • Project leadership

  • Consolidated planning

  • Budgeting and cost control

  • Business case and benefits management

  • Project scope

  • Project schedule

  • Resource management

  • Project risk and issue management

Those who complete the standard will also be trained in effective collaboration and teamwork, leadership with a focus on results, as well as compliance and professionalism.

The standard is accredited by the Association of Project Management, and apprentices will achieve the PMQ qualification as part of the programme.

Who’s it suitable for?

The academic learning that supports project management allows for a much greater range of applications within different roles. From marketing managers and IT systems developers to office managers and frontline HR staff - the skills imparted by the standard can be applied in virtually any scenario. Project management is geared towards functions and processes, rather than the management of people.

Graham Price, project management student said: “I decided to do this course from a meeting with my manager and decided to fill in any skills gaps within the team. We currently have consultants working in project management roles which we would like to have in-house and to train in-house, which is why I’ve applied for this course.” 

Over to you

We’re one of the early adopters of the project manager standard, delivering the programme right from the start. We’ve now launched the programme in London and it’s available to any organisation looking to upskill their employees.

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