Learners at The Skills Company’s Harpurhey Training Centre are preparing for a major charity fundraising effort. They will be hosting a Macmillan Cancer event on 28 September to raise awareness and funds for the charity. 

For some time, learners at the centre have been working hard to contribute and add value to the local community, by organising and supporting community events for the homeless, public services and various local charities.

All of the learners within the centre have been involved in the planning for the Macmillan event, providing activities and items for the event including, cake and biscuit baking,  tee-shirt designing and helping collect donations from various stores and organisations within the area.

With the support of keyworker June Murphy, the learners have been successful in securing a stand on Harpurhey Market to host the event and have collected donations from many local businesses, including ASDA, McDonalds, KFC, Cash Generator, Poundland, Gala Bingo and Subway. They have also gathered supported from Unity Radio, Granada Studios and Revolution Radio who will help to advertise the event.

Centre Manager Cathy Taylor said:  “During the activities, the learners have developed knowledge and understanding of some of the social and health problems within the area where they live, this has enabled them to identify a number of skills required for the study programme, including teamwork and taking responsibility for tasks.

“On the day, the learners will be taking part on a shift basis to staff the stall and to attract customers. The whole process of planning the activities for the event has improved the social awareness of the learners. Their involvement in this activity will add further to the confidence, competence and motivation they need to progress on the study programme, to gain the qualifications and the skills required to succeed in life, on placement and in further employment.”   

Get involved!

Everyone is welcome to come to Harpurhey Market on 28th September 2017 at 10am - come down for raffles, prize draws, cake and more! For more information, please contact Harpurhey Training Centre on 0161 205 6790.