Over the last year, apprenticeships have been changing. The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy has encouraged employers to take on apprentices in order to support young people in developing new skills, building their confidence, and gaining work experience.

To celebrate apprenticeships, the Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Company (GMAC) team interviewed Skills Company apprentices about their experiences. Here are just a few of the things that they had to say.

Maddie, Level 2 Hairdressing Apprenticeship 

“Apprenticeships are great; working and training at the same time is definitely the way forward” (Maddie, NVQ Level 2 Hairdressing).

Maddie completed a six week study programme with The Skills Company so that she could develop employability skills and gain insight into the hair salon environment. The study programme gave her the chance to experience the industry before taking on an apprenticeship. Maddie now works at That Hair Place and spends one day a week training.  

Emilia, Electrical Design & Draughtperson Apprenticeship

“I decided to become an apprentice as it would help me to develop my skills more effectively and allow me to be taught in a way that best suits me. This is because I work better when using my hands and senses as stimuli as I am a visual and practical learner” (Emilia, Electrical Design & Draughtsperson Apprenticeship).

Emilia completed an Engineering pre-apprenticeship programme with The Skills Company and now works as an apprentice for JJLC Engineering Design Services. Emilia says she enjoys “learning new skills every day and designing services to buildings as well as travelling to different jobs for progress and design team meetings.”

Lauren, Level 2 Business Admin Apprenticeship

“Deciding to become an apprentice was a positive step for me. I have learned so much, developed my knowledge and skills and have had the opportunity to build my confidence. Being able to provide quality support to patients makes the job really worthwhile. It is important to me that I provide the best possible care and understanding” (Lauren, NVQ Level 2 Business Admin).

Lauren is an apprentice at Old Trafford Medical Centre and would like to continue working there “as the staff are supportive” and make her “feel valued”. Lauren even says that she is considering taking on a Level 3 Business Admin apprenticeship.

Destiny, Level 2 Business Admin Apprenticeship 

“The people I work with encourage me to achieve. I am always building my knowledge and learn something new every day!” (Destiny, Recruitment Assistant Level 2).

Destiny decided to look into apprenticeships as she felt that that the college environment wasn’t for her. She decided to study with The Skills Company on their Health and Social Care training programme before being offered the opportunity to work as a Recruitment Assistant for The Skills Company itself!

John, Level 2 Business Admin Apprenticeship

“Developing my independence was definitely a big sell for me when deciding to become an apprentice; being offered the opportunity to grow and evolve in a new environment is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being an apprentice” (John, NVQ Level 2 Business Admin).

During John’s second year of college, he wasn’t sure if university was the right path for him, so after researching apprenticeships, he decided to take steps in becoming an apprentice.

This is only a snippet of the personal and professional development an apprenticeship can support. All across the GMAC partnership, learners are taking on apprenticeships and being able to earn and learn whilst in the workplace. Using This Is Me, (GMAC’s employability and apprenticeship portal) 186 young people have applied and been successful in finding an apprenticeship vacancy that is right for them. 

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