Skills Company learner Akeim Mundell has been awarded the British Empire Medal in reward for his services to the local community in Manchester.

Akeim has just completed his BA Honours Professional Development in Education with the Skills Company, having started out as a student on the Teaching Assistants course, and is currently commencing teacher training.

But it's his work in the community that has earned him the British Empire Medal. 22-year-old Akeim has worked in his local community for ten years and is an Ambassador for Moss Side for Manchester City Council, as well as running an online jobs forum aimed at helping people get out of unemployment.

He said the award was a huge shock: “I’m feeling very proud… it’s made me realise that I must be doing something good," and said that he hoped it would: "enable more people to want to work with me to deliver projects to the local communities."

The Skills Company would like to congratulate Akeim for this inspiring achievement.