Two groups of teacher training students went to Challenge 4 Change on Monday 2nd October. Challenge 4 Change is a registered charity based in Trafford Park - it is a unique, indoor urban experiential learning facility to encourage team building and build confidence.

Sharon Mehta, Higher Education Tutor, took her PGCE and Certificate in Education classes to Challenge 4 Change to help the students to bond with each other. Sharon said: “The year 1 students really benefited from going to Challenge 4 Change as they were able to share good practice and ask questions to the year 2 students.  Also, I thought that this would be a nice start for the year 2 students to meet each other ahead of their graduation next year.”

“It was a fantastic evening and consisted of team building and team bonding exercises.  At the end of the evening, everyone had to challenge their fears, head on, by doing the Leap of Faith!”

The students enjoyed the practical activities, a couple of the students said:

“It was a great evening, I admit I was terrified but felt great after.”

“Thanks for inviting us along, it was a really fun evening!”

If you’re looking for a fun, unique way to encourage team building and overcome barriers – get in touch with Challenge 4 Change today.

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