We have had two students with us on work experience for a couple of weeks. In this blog they talk about what they've been up to and how they've found working at The Growth Company. 

Tejal's experience

I've had an amazing experience doing two weeks of work experience working with the finance team and the recruitment team at The Growth Company. It has been very helpful to me as I now have a good knowledge and understanding on how to take telephone calls and use an accounting software called Agresso.

I enjoyed working within both teams, as in the finance team I shadowed and gained experience in processing invoices within the Agresso system; assisted with processing learner payments, chasing payments and dealing with petty cash.work experience in business

Whilst working with the recruitment team I got experience of how to take telephone calls to book learners in for interviews and record them on to the system. I also had the chance to talk to Roman, the School & Engagement Advisor who gave me tips on interviews and why The Growth Company is a good place to do work and get experience from. Listening to Roman's interview tips I have now been successful and got a job at the University of Manchester.

I really appreciate all the hard work that the staff do at The Growth Company for young people to help them find a job in something that they enjoy doing and are willing to make a difference. I have really enjoyed working with Mo from the finance team and Destiny, Shan and Gemma from the recruitment team. I would also like to thank Sarah Taylor who has been for my tutor for the past year, for giving me the opportunity to do my work experience at The Growth Company. It has been a pleasure to work with you all as it has helped me built my self confidence up.

Thank you and I do wish to keep in touch with The Growth Company.

Nayeem's experience

I’ve had a great experience and opportunity to work a week at The Growth Company, being part of the Schools & Engagement team. It has been very beneficial to me as I have a broader understanding of apprenticeships and have realised that the study route is not the only option.

I enjoyed going to colleges and high schools in Manchester and speaking with the teachers and careers advisors on how they want the best for their students. It makes me appreciate the efforts the teachers put in for the students. In addition, I also had the opportunity to speak to students themselves and get their intake on apprenticeships and helping them understand what it really is. I feel it is really important for the students to know about apprenticeships so they don’t feel like they only have one choice as I felt when I was in Year 11. I explained to the classes how the study route that I took is like and our presentation explained what an apprenticeship is so the students have an image for what they are soon coming up to. I felt that I could input as I am a college student myself and I was in their positions not too long ago. So I have a good understanding of how they are feeling at this moment and I hope my advice was beneficial to them.work experience manchester

I appreciate the work of The Growth Company, as they genuinely care about the lives of young people and want to make a difference.

I chose to work for The Growth Company as part of my work experience to get an understanding of work life too. Many graduates who have a top level degree still struggle to find jobs. It is shown that 40% of graduates go on to be unemployed for their first 6 months after finishing university, largely based on the fact they have minimal experience. Also over half (51%) of graduates who do find work are often underemployed. Therefore I took this experience to ensure that I’m not part of that proportion. 

I have learnt many skills in my experience with The Growth Company. The most significant impact it has had on me I feel, is the confidence it has given me. Being part of meetings and having a say in these meetings and speaking to a class of year 11’s and even simple things like getting along with the team members have all increased my communication and team work skills that are really important for me in the future. Knowledgeable skills will come from your education, however soft skills, such as communication, leadership, team work and ownership, which are arguably the most important characteristics managers look for, all come from experience. 

I am very thankful and grateful for this opportunity, and have been inspired by Roman, the Schools & Engagement Manager, who has given me great advice and feedback that I will work on and I wish to keep in touch with Roman and the Skills Team.

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