Exam time is here for thousands of GCSE and A Level students, and we have set out some top tips to help students perform to their best on the crucial day.

Jayne Worthington, Managing Director of The Skills Company, which is part of the Manchester Growth Company said:  “Whether you’re planning to take up an apprenticeship, or follow an academic route to your chosen career, your exam results will really matter, and it’s important that you give yourself the best chance of doing yourself justice.  We hope that these tips will help you get the results that you need to go on and succeed in the future.”

  1. Get to bed early the night before and get a good night’s sleep.  Cramming late into the night before an exam rarely helps, and could leave you too tired to concentrate.  Watching a favourite film or listening to music can be a good way to relax.

  2. Have a good, balanced breakfast before you leave home.  A good breakfast is scientifically proven to improve concentration and performance, and give you more stamina.

  3. Before leaving home, make sure you’ve got everything you need for the day – ID, stationery and any permitted equipment you might require.

  4. If people are panicking around you – avoid them.  It won’t do you any good to get wrapped up in other people’s dramas.

  5. When you get the exam paper, read all the questions carefully and plan the time you’re going to allow for each one.

  6. Start with the question you feel most comfortable with – you don’t have to answer the questions in the order that they are set out.  This will give you confidence as you move on to the other questions.

  7. Don’t spend more time than you’ve planned on any question.  If you have time at the end you can go back and add more later.

  8. Use all the time available.  If you’ve finished all the questions, check and review your answers.

  9. If you’re totally stuck on a question, have a rough go anyway, you’ll get more marks than leaving it blank.

  10. Don’t spend too long going over the exam with friends afterwards.  It’s unlikely to make you feel better, and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.  Just focus on doing your best in the next one.