A recent study by the British Chambers of Commerce found that almost two-thirds of UK companies are still not preparing for Brexit. And, if a deal wasn’t to be reached, 18% said they would cut their recruitment.

There is so much that’s still unclear around Brexit, however one thing is for certain – regardless of the outcome, it’s vital that organisations continue to invest in their talent pool if they want their business to be future-proof.

How could Brexit affect my staff?

There are a number of ways in which Brexit could impact your current workforce and the ways in which you recruit in the future.

Immigration restrictions could reduce the number of skilled workers you get from abroad, and the route for lower-skilled workers post-Brexit is still very much up in the air.

Plus, uncertainty around trading relationships with the rest of the EU makes it difficult for businesses to determine which divisions of the company will require new or better trained staff going forward.

You need to think about how dependent your business is on non-UK EU staff and how your business can prepare for the impact changes to immigration and the effect it could have on your workforce and operating model.

Utilising the Apprenticeship Levy to overcome this

The Apprenticeship Levy is a powerful recruitment tool which will help you to ensure you have the best workforce to navigate your business through Brexit and beyond.

The Levy isn’t just about recruiting young school-leavers; it can also be used to train and upskill your existing employees. So, if you do lose some of your foreign staff, you’ll have peace of mind that there are other options available. Current staff in your organisation could take on their roles and responsibilities or you could recruit apprentices to fill the vacancies.

Our level 6 chartered management degree apprenticeship is ideal for people in managerial roles, and anyone who has managerial responsibilities in their day-to-day work. This standard has been put together to help improve management practices and staff engagement in your business, so you can create a stronger, more unified workforce to work through the complexities of Brexit.

What the Growth Company is doing to help

We recently launched our new, innovative Talent Hub which is designed specifically to support the visitor economy and assist employers with some of the key pinch points around recruitment, skills and retention ahead of Brexit.

The talent hub has three key elements to it:

  • The attraction and sourcing of experienced staff across a wide range of sector specific occupations.
  • The development of a larger, appropriately trained talent pool with the skillsets that employers expect.
  • A longer-term skills and retention plan to support employers in developing and keeping their staff.

We hope this model will help the leisure, tourism, culture and hospitality sectors to attract and retain the best talent and address some of the key issues the sector is facing around recruitment in the wake of Brexit.

Over to you

We understand that many businesses are uncertain around what the future holds after Brexit however, we can support your organisation with everything training-related. Whether it’s providing advice on the Apprenticeship Levy or developing a training needs analysis for your company, we’ll help you to maximise your talent pool.

If you’ve got any questions around upskilling or recruiting staff, or simply want to find out more – don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team: 

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