There’s no doubt that the Apprenticeships Levy will revolutionise the way employers recruit new talent. It facilitates all UK organisations in tailoring a successful recruitment process based on the needs of their business.

Many industries, like construction and engineering, are struggling with skills shortages. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can use the Levy to bridge the skills gap and use it as a vital recruitment tool.

Taking on an apprentice

While many businesses see the many benefits of apprenticeships, it's easy to be daunted by the ins and outs of apprenticeship recruitment - especially with the new Apprenticeship Levy.

Despite the government's aim of simplifying funding and eligibility rules, many businesses are still struggling to get to grips with the changes and the implications for them.

According to research by Evolve Learning Group and West London College, only one in three (32%) Levy payers are using the Apprenticeship Levy to train new and existing staff. This is an underwhelming figure. With 90% of employers finding it difficult to recruit individuals with the right skills for their business, you’d think the Levy would be welcomed with open arms.

There are many benefits to apprenticeships - one being that you can grow your own talent, moulding them to the way of your working (without any previous bad habits).

We’ve put together a detailed guide to help with taking on an apprentice and outline exactly what’s involved - from employment contracts to off-the-job training.

Saving on recruitment costs

On average, hiring a new member of staff using external recruitment methods can sometimes cost around £4,500. For the majority of businesses, this has an immensely negative impact on their apprenticeship levy recruitment toolbottom line.  In addition to agency and advertising fees, there are many costly issues to consider – such as the time-consuming task of trawling through the CVs of prospective employees.

Although some training providers, like ourselves, offer a free recruitment service to take the hassle out of recruitment. They’d find the young talent you need to enrich your workplace, interviewing and screening applicants to ensure you’re presented with the best possible candidates for your business.

Improving your core business functions

If your company is growing, you’re naturally going to have more positions to fill. But have you ever considered employing apprentices for your operational support roles?

Apprentices can be a great way to boost the core functions of your business - such as customer service, admin, IT and finance. You’ll save money on training and recruitment costs, and you’ll gain a committed employee who can work their way up in your organisation. Operational support roles are at the heart of your business, so it’s important to invest in the best young talent if you want to meet your expansion goals.

Over to you

Using the Apprenticeship Levy as a recruitment tool could be a cost-effective way to help your business grow and develop. We’re well-versed in the Apprenticeship Levy scheme, so get in touch if you’re committed to bridging the skills gap in your business.

If you’ve got any questions about any of the above, be sure to get in touch via Twitter or LinkedIn or talk to one of our expert team today.

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