If you sustained a physical injury at work, the chances are there would be a trained first-aider who could help you out. But, if you were suffering from ill mental health, it’s unlikely there would be a designated person you could turn to when you’re in need of support.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, the Bauer Media Group – which features 107 brands across radio, TV, digital, print and live events – has launched a petition to get a ‘mental health first-aider’ in every workplace and college across the UK.

We think this is a great initiative, especially when you consider that 46% of board members and senior executives in the North West have received no mental health training whatsoever (QBE Business Insurance).

Also, 86% of those who responded to Bauer’s recent survey said that mental health is one of the biggest challenges facing the country today – with 33% saying they now feel more stressed than ever before. With this in mind, it makes complete business sense to invest in mental health support for your staff.

Here are just 3 reasons why your business will benefit from having at least one employee trained in dealing with mental health troubles.

Cut the number of sick days your staff take

Poor mental health is one of the most common reasons for staff to call in sick. And, according to NHS data, sick days due to mental health conditions cost businesses over £10.5 billion a year. Stress alone caused over 12.5 million working days to be lost between 2016 and 2017 (The Labour Force Survey 2017) – so just imagine the impact it can have on productivity and overheads.

If you encourage your staff to be open about their mental health problems with a trained, in-house advisor, the better you can support them and make the necessary adjustments before they feel the need to take sick leave.

Create a more productive working environment

Even if your staff are in work, they won’t be performing at their best if they are silently battling a bout of ill mental health.

If someone is experiencing stress or anxiety, a heavy workload or big project will only add to their worries. A dedicated mental health first-aider will be able to identify any problem areas, and liaise with the person’s line manager to ensure that the demands of their role are not contributing to their problems.

Boost your staff retention rates

If your employees don’t feel like they’re getting the help they need with their mental health, you risk them leaving your company and moving to an organisation that has a better support system in place.

A business is nothing without great employees, and it’s amazing what a difference access to a trained mental health advisor can do to make staff feel valued and supported on both a personal and professional level.

The more you do as an organisation to assist staff with their mental health problems, the more likely they are to stay loyal to your company.

Over to you

Has Mental Health Awareness Week prompted you to review the support you offer your staff in this capacity? Here at The Growth Company Education & Skills, we can deliver a mental health awareness course at your business – giving your staff the knowledge they need to effectively help and manage staff who are experiencing poor mental health. 

We also offer a range of first aid training, from emergency first aid to paediatric first aid - we have several courses pre-scheduled on a monthly basis or we can train your staff in the workplace. 

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