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16 to 19 Additional Tuition Fund

We are receiving additional funding to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19).

At the Growth Company, we deliver various Study Programmes at our Training Centres. Our Centres are based in areas of high deprivation across Greater Manchester and Merseyside, we pride ourselves in providing good quality education across all areas. We believe all learners can achieve their academic aspirations irrelevant of any social or economic barriers.

We are committed to offering inclusive learning environments where differentiation is embedded in every lesson. Since the pandemic we have observed further barriers to learning including;

  • Learners missing learning due to isolation.
  • Deterioration of physical health due to contracting Covid.
  • Deterioration of mental health, we have seen an increase of anxiety and depression.

It has been well documented that these barriers have been observed in Secondary Schools where many of our learners are progressing from.

As the pandemic continues, we want to use the Additional Tuition Fund to support our disadvantaged learners achieve Grade 4 and above in English and Maths. In 2019/2021 we delivered small group learning lessons and 1.1 lessons with disadvantaged learners. Several learners who received the additional support achieved a higher attainment at the end of the academic year.

Learning Mentors are based at each Training Centre, they provide 1.1 additional English and maths support as well as small group learning depending on the needs of the learner. These individual tailored lessons will be delivered to learners with learning differences and Education and Health Care Plans.

All the lessons delivered will be based on the needs of our learners. The one-to-one lessons enable learners to complete overlearning activities. Extra activities in the form of overlearning, enables learners to practice skills they have learned in previous lessons. The Learning Mentors will repeat activities to identify stumbling blocks and break down learning into smaller segments, enhancing working memory. Techniques will be utilised relating to different domains of cognition to support the learner’s acquisition of learning to impact their future attainment.

The Learning Support Team and tutors will identify which learners need additional support. We aim to support our learners holistically; we provide advice and guidance to ensure our learners are safe and enjoy their learning journey. A person-centered framework will be adopted by the Learning Mentor, ensuring individual needs are met.