Kickstart Scheme

Nurture the next generation with the Government’s Kickstart Scheme and help to secure the future of your business.
Secure future talent

The Government recently announced the Kickstart Scheme which aims to provide meaningful work placements for young people across the country.

This is the ideal opportunity for you to provide people aged 16-24 with a real taste of what it is like to work within your industry - plus, government will cover all wage costs and overheads.

This new £2 billion initiative is designed with both businessess and young people in mind, which is why our team are on-hand to provide you with all the details your need.
Why has the scheme been introduced?

Unemployment can have long-term impacts on individuals and families, with young people being particularly affected due to their lack of work experience. In order to address these challenges, the aim is to:

  • Support young people to gain skills, qualifications and experience
  • Build a young persons’ confidence and employability skills
  • Support them in finding permanent employment
Who is the scheme for?

The Kickstart Scheme is targeted at young people aged 16-24 who are on Universal Credit and are deemed to be at risk of long-term unemployment.

What type of support will the young person receive?

In addition to the support received from your team, the young person will also receive a guaranteed foundation of support through an expanded Youth Offer delivered through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

What type of business can get involved?

The scheme is available to any business based in Great Britain.

How many people can we employ as part of the scheme?

According to Government, at this time there is no set limit on the number of young people you can employ as part of the Kickstart Scheme.

What are the benefits to my business?

In addition to providing meaningful opportunities for young people and nurturing future talent, your business will receive the following:

  • 100% funding for the National Minimum Wage (25 hours per-week)
  • Cover associated with National Insurance contributions
  • Minimum automatic enrolment contributions
Is there a minimum contract the young person will receive?

According to the Government, employers can start supporting young people on the Kickstart Scheme from 1 August 2020.

Where can I receive more information?

For the latest information about the Kickstart Scheme visit Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), or complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

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