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5 benefits of getting a CSCS card

07 Sep 2018
Most principal contractors and major house builders require construction workers to hold a valid CSCS card.

The card gives construction workers the right health and safety awareness and qualifications to work on a construction site.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of getting a CSCS card.

1. Get ahead of everyone else

Having a CSCS card while looking for construction work makes you more employable, as a contractor will know that you have the right health and safety knowledge and are qualified for the job.

2. Get recognised

The card will give you an identity, and is proof of your well-earned skills and experience. There are different classifications for the cards too which will show your expertise and experience.

3. Open up opportunities

As a CSCS card holder, you won’t be limited to who you can work for. Some companies only look for people with a CSCS card so it’s important to have one so that you’re not limiting your options when it comes to finding work or progressing in your career.

4. It’s free*

At GC Education & Skills, we can help you get your CSCS card and it won’t cost you a penny.

*The course is free for anyone aged 19+ and in receipt of out-of-work benefits or anyone 16-18. We will pay for your CITB health and safety test and the CSCS labourers card.

5. Boost your reputation

As a construction worker, it’s important to protect your reputation – especially if you’re self-employed. Having a CSCS card will show your commitment to safety and emphasise your credibility.

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