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5 things to break the boredom of being at home

28 Apr 2020
Whether you’re self-isolating or just adhering to the government’s lockdown measures, it’s highly likely that being stuck in your house is beginning to get a tad boring. To help keep you busy and productive, we’ve put together five things you can do at home to pass the time and make life during lockdown a little more fun.

1. Cook or bake something new

Whether you’re a chef in the making or can just about manage beans on toast, cooking or baking something that you’ve never tried before is a great way to challenge yourself and pass the time. Have a look online for a recipe that takes your fancy, or see if there are any tutorials or live cook-along sessions that you can get involved with on social media. If you’re craving your favourite restaurant dish, you could even have a go at making your own DIY version.

2. Exercise

As tempting as it might be curl up on the sofa and watch Netflix all day, doing some exercise will make you feel better both physically and mentally. There are so many options available when it comes to home workouts, even if you haven’t got your own gym kit. Celebrity fitness gurus like Joe Wickes have routines to follow on their YouTube channels, and many of the UK’s gym chains are hosting free, live workouts on their social accounts – not to mention the wealth of fitness apps that are available. If you don’t fancy a virtual HIIT workout or yoga session, why not use your daily outdoor exercise time to go for a walk or run and get some much-needed fresh air?

3. Learn a new skill

Given that you’ll have some extra time on your hands, now is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill. There are plenty of free online courses available, covering everything from marketing, business and IT to fashion design, event management and beauty. If you’re looking to develop in your career, set up your own business or simply try your hand at something completely new, a free course can help you gain the foundation skills you need to work towards your goals. Just do a Google search for ‘free [insert subject area] course’ and see what you can take advantage of.

4. Volunteer

If you want to use your spare time to give something back to your local community, why not undertake some voluntary work? Volunteer GM can point you in the direction of a number of opportunities in your area – so whether you want to keep vulnerable person company with a daily phone call, collect and deliver shopping for someone who’s self-isolating or even support the NHS, there’s sure to be something that you’d enjoy and find rewarding.

5. Host a quiz

With so many video calling platforms available, it’s easy to get your friends and family together virtually during lockdown. Host a quiz and help to keep them entertained one evening. Researching and putting together the questions will help to pass the time, and you might even learn a few fun facts in the process. Bringing you nearest and dearest together will also help you and them to stay connected and reduce feelings of loneliness while we can’t see our loved ones face-to-face.

We hope taking part in some of these activities will help you to break the boredom and stay productive during lockdown. Remember, if you’re feeling worried, anxious or low, your Growth Company contact can offer advice and guide you to a range of support services. We’ve also put together a list of services which can help you during this difficult time.