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Anna's award-winning journey with GC

26 Nov 2022

Adult learner, Anna Belle has been awarded Student of the Year at the Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS) Training Awards on November 22 at Plasterers' Hall in London. As a woman breaking down barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field, Anna is passionate about pursuing a career in construction safety and bridging the gender gap. We got the chance to sit down and talk with Anna about her award-winning journey because of this accomplishment.

Why did you choose the Growth Company?

I was already on a course with the Growth Company when I renewed my CSCS card. I spoke with my adviser at the time regarding what I wanted to do after leaving the course, and for about three or four months after doing my renewal, I was recommended to study at the SkillCentre. I went into the SkillCentre in Trafford Park to see what was on offer, and I ended up choosing a course that I felt was right for me.

What was the learning process like?

It wasn’t too difficult - the learning was more practical. When you’re doing the lessons, and you need to know something, you can ask the questions whilst you’re working along. I do a lot of other different studies outside of the SkillCentre, so studying is just my norm. As I’m covering a few different aspects at the centre I do get a lot of support from different sections.

What has the outcome of your course been?

As I’m still on my course there isn’t an outcome yet, but we will have to see. Currently though, with the outcome of the work, I think that it’s helped my confidence a lot more, to the point that it’s helped bring more referral contracts for me.

Do you feel like you have learnt more being on a course at the SkillCentre?

Absolutely! I feel like I’ve learnt so much more than even I was anticipating. To be honest, it’s helped in so many different ways, and I feel like I’ve got a lot of recognition for it. My work ethic still shines and that's fantastic.

How did you feel when winning the award for Student of the Year?

As you can imagine I was very shocked when I won. When I first heard; I was taken aback a little - it also felt nice to be nominated for my work as I've never won an award before.

Would you recommend the Growth Company to anyone?

Absolutely! I’ve already studied within the umbrella of the Growth Company at Bridgewater Street to renew my CSCS. Since then, I’d been referring people I knew fit the criteria; and with the training, I have been doing now, I would definitely recommend the Growth company!

We are incredibly proud of Anna and her achievements, and we look forward to seeing what else she will achieve with us!