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Fire Tech Summer Camp: Build your skills for the future

03 Aug 2018
No plans this summer? Already bored of the school holidays? There’s still time plenty of time to change that, especially if you have a love of gaming, coding or digital design.

The Fire Tech Summer Camp is running a series of 5-day courses in a number of areas, including ‘coding games with Java’, ‘creative digital design’ and ‘3D game development with Unity’ for young people aged 12-17. And best of all, the courses are fully funded if you live in certain areas of Greater Manchester – meaning your parents won’t have to fork out any additional costs for you to attend.

Fire Tech is a great way to meet new people, do something fun and learn skills that could help to not only shape your future, but the future of the whole industry. The digital industry is facing a growing skills shortage, meaning there aren’t enough people with the required knowledge to fill job vacancies going forward.

By attending, you’ll be gaining skills that will help your CV to stand out and prepare you for a job in the industry in the future. The digital sector need passionate, enthusiastic young people who want to turn their hobbies and interests into a successful career. You really could make a difference, and just think how amazing it would be earn a living doing what you love!

Want to make this summer count?

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