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GC helps Kelly to secure her dream job within the police

02 Feb 2022

With a Level 2 Qualification in Maths achieved through the help and support of The Growth Company, Kelly Gallagher has been able to secure a place within police recruitment.

On the topic of her journey, Kelly spoke about why she approached GC, stating: “I never gained a high level of GCSE in maths at school, and so I wanted to better myself. I noticed on a briefing from an NHS email that a service was being provided to allow staff to obtain their maths, which led me to approach The Growth Company. At that time, I was going through the police recruitment process and when I applied in December 2020, a maths qualification wasn’t a requirement. Halfway through the recruitment process, things changed and maths became a requirement - so it added pressure but more determination to pass.”

Kelly speaks about the help she was offered during her time studying, saying: “The Growth Company provides so much support. They are there to answer any little question and nothing is too much trouble.”

One of Kelly’s main challenges was studying for her Level 2 in Maths. “I am not a fan of Maths, and I am not the best at it. However, I couldn’t thank my tutor Daniel enough. He would go over and over things I didn’t understand until I understood how to work things out myself”, Kelly said.

Now with the much-needed qualification, Kelly has taken a step into the career she’s always wanted to pursue, stating: “Without the support and without obtaining my maths, I wouldn’t have been able to follow my dream and proceed with the police recruitment.”

Kelly recommends The Growth Company, telling us: “The level of support is amazing. I would just like to thank everyone at GC. From start to finish, everyone has helped to make it a smooth process. I failed my first Level 2 exam, however, Daniel supported me and motivated me to keep going, making it achievable to pass.”

We’re so pleased that we’ve been able to help Kelly achieve the qualification she needed to secure her perfect job, and we’re proud of the hard work and dedication that she’s shown throughout. Congratulations, Kelly! We wish you every success in your new career.

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