GC Stories: Amber at Co-Op Digital

11 Jul 2018
Amber originally approached The Growth Company and Manchester Digital after her search for a programming job led her to learn more about GC and what we could offer her.

She wanted to learn while she worked, and she soon began an apprenticeship with Co-Op Digital.

During her apprenticeship, Amber has experienced what it’s like to work in an agile environment, using industry-level tools, frameworks and code releases. She’s gained valuable experience of writing code in Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and has been an integral part of the story creation process.

Thanks to her apprenticeship, Amber has a clear career path in sight. She said:

“After the apprenticeship finishes, I'm hoping to work as a junior developer either remaining at Co-Op Digital or going elsewhere depending on my options at the time.”

“I feel very positively about how the apprenticeship is preparing me for functioning independently in the workplace, in the sense that the experience I have gained has provided a great context for understanding the methodologies I'm learning about for the exams in the apprenticeship. Seeing code in practice has been invaluable.”

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