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GC Stories: Danielle Rae

21 Jan 2019
Before studying with The Growth Company, Danielle was working in a mental health hospital specialising in forensic mental health. She had been considering university for a while but she wasn’t sure, and didn’t feel confident enough to enrol.

She researched the course thoroughly, and heard about it from her friends. She was worried about applying, as she didn’t consider herself to be academic. She went for the interview anyway, and because of her past experience and qualifications, she was offered a place straight onto the FDA without having to complete the access course - which made her feel much more confident in her abilities.

Danielle found the course difficult, but ultimately rewarding- she wasn’t confident in the academic writing and referencing, but excelled in the practical side. She mentioned that she learned a great deal, made really strong relationships with her supportive tutors and worked hard. She completed her course with a good grade, and her favourite part of the course was graduating, knowing that all of her hard work was worth it. She’s now planning to go back and do her top-up for this course, to achieve a degree while working as an Assistant Practitioner in A&E.

When asked what she’d say to someone who was considering taking a Health Care Studies course, Danielle had some advice to give: “I would say just do it, I struggled a lot and got stressed because I had no faith in myself but I actually found writing skills that I never knew I had - it was so much fun and hard work but so worth it at the end. Anyone can do it if you just try!”

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