GC Stories: Destiny Penlington

22 Feb 2017
As a recent apprentice of The Growth Company, Destiny answers some questions about her personal journey onto a Business Administration Apprenticeship that she loves.

What first made you interested in an apprenticeship?

First I tried college and going there really made me realise that that classroom work just wasn’t for me, this was when I first started to consider apprenticeships. After this I began a pre-apprenticeship course with The Growth Company and also started my first job in customer service. Now going through that experience it made me realise how much happier I was being in a work environment and also earning my own money.

How did you get your apprenticeship?

I found my apprenticeship through my resourcer (from the pre-apprenticeship course I was on). After having a change in heart from health and social care I was given the opportunity to work for The Growth Company to put my caring nature and customer service skills to use in a different way. Now I start other applicants journey’s whilst travelling my own!

What support and training have you received during your apprenticeship?

I have received lots of support from staff on the recruitment team and everyone has been very supportive and welcoming to ensure I know as much as I can about the job and the company. They have also made me feel safe and comfortable with everyone around me and make coming to work is an enjoyable experience.

What do you do in your role day to day?

On a day to day basis I call any new applicants who have applied in the past two days. Whilst on the phone I have a quick 5 minute chat about the application then book anyone who meets the entry requirements onto interviews with the resourcer of that sector. I try to ensure all applicants feel confident and excited to get their apprenticeship journey started! I also answer calls from applicants and parents giving them advice and information to help them in the best way possible and get the most out of our service.

What are your future career plans and goals?

My plan is to complete my Level 2 & 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship then to develop into a higher role in The Growth Company or maybe consider University afterwards.

How much do you earn?

I currently earn double the minimum wage for apprenticeships but there are many ways to progress through the company and get a pay increase!

How easy was it to get your apprenticeship?

The first stage was that I came for a formal interview with the manager of the department I work for, after that I came for a trial day where I met the staff and was shown what I would be doing from day to day. That evening I was offered the job firstly on a temporary basis and now I have moved onto my permanent apprenticeship. The temporary contract was for just one month but the process seemed to be very fast, from the first interview to the start date – it all happened in just a week!

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