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GC Stories: Gabby and Lucy, AXA Insurance

14 Aug 2017
Gabrielle Miller and Lucy Fox are insurance apprentices at AXA Insurance in Bolton. They both started in 2014 and are now Commercial Underwriters.

Both Gabby and Lucy started on a level 3 certificate in providing financial services and have now progressed onto the level 4 diploma in insurance.

They recently took part in one of our WebinApp sessions, where they delivered a webinar to other young people about starting a career in the finance industry. This was a great success as it gave individuals, who are looking at their options, a chance to ask questions to real life apprentices!

Gabrielle said: “I always knew I wanted to be in the financial services industry, since studying maths, economics and business A levels at college. I knew there were apprenticeships routes in this sector so I didn’t think it was worth going to university and getting into debt.

In my role, each day I look at new enquiries from insurance brokers for business insurance from a building company to food manufacturers. I also assess the risk and make terms and conditions to secure the business.

I wish to work my way up the company and become a manager while continuing to study my CII qualifications.”

Lucy said: “I wasn’t 100% sure about going to university but I still wanted to continue studying so I thought getting an apprenticeship would be the best step. I thought it was a great idea to study whilst also earning a salary.

I am given a lot of support and training by doing regular workshops, technical training on underwriting and sales and dealing with customers training.”

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