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GC Stories: Leon Pope

30 May 2018
Leon suffered from low confidence, and it was his parents that first brought him to The Growth Company.

They were concerned that he was not fully engaging in any form of education, and that while he had sat his GCSEs, his grades were not as good as they could have been. His parents were keen for him to learn more, and to gain some work experience.

During Leon’s first interview he presented as shy and withdrawn, and disliked communicating. His parents resorted to doing most of the talking. At the end of the interview, however, he gave a nod that he would like to continue with the programme. Once he was on the programme, it was clear he responded well to positivity and praise, and as his confidence grew he became more social and vocal, and he managed to secure a circle of friends. The turning point for Leon was when he attended his second Challenge 4 Change session. The first time he attended the session he felt uncomfortable and refused to join in, choosing instead to observe the others. The second time, with his new circle of friends and boosted confidence, he felt a lot more comfortable, and pushed himself to complete every element of the course.

Since then, he attends regularly, engages and actively participates in all sessions. He has recently undertaken a work placement in mechanics at the Auto Safety Centre and he is thriving there, all thanks to his boosted confidence, and because he pushed himself out of his comfort zone.

Speaking about Leon, his advisor said that: “The pride he felt for his own achievement was clear to see! I feel as a result of this personal achievement he has gone from strength to strength. His confidence has soared, and this has had a knock-on effect on his learning.”

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