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Growth Company apprentice nominated for Guinness Partnership Star Awards

19 Dec 2018
Growth Company business admin apprentice Daniel Dosanjh has been shortlisted for an award at the Guinness Partnership.

The award, Apprentice of the Year, is a company award to celebrate the hard work and commitment by its employees.

Daniel is over the moon to be nominated, he's said:

"I feel honoured to be nominated for such an achievement. I think it is a true reflection of what I have brought to the team and what a great addition I have been to my team. I think it also shows my capability of working at a high level and under intense pressure.

It also highlights my adaptiveness to a new role as I am involved in helping multiple team members as well as being in charge of my own department. I think the apprenticeship is helping me to grow in confidence and learn more about the way that the business world works."

His line manager, Joanne Dolan, comments on Daniel's success:

"Danny has exceeded my expectations with his quick learning, retention of information and willingness to support the team. He has already gained sufficient experience to be able to apply for permanent positions once his apprenticeship is complete."

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