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Heather Derbyshire: Jack of all Trades

09 May 2022

After a 20-year career in the Fitness industry, Heather decided that she wanted a career change so, in November 2019 she enrolled on the Level 2 Diploma in Plastering with the Growth Company. When asked about this course, Heather said: “The course taught me about the multiple applications and various specialist components within the plastering trade and gave me a variety of practical skills to apply my newfound abilities with confidence in the work setting.”

After successfully completing the Plastering course, Heather then enrolled on the Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry, Heather said: “Like the first course, I found myself in a challenging yet highly supportive learning environment."

Heather initially approached the Growth Company looking for a professional and reliable training provider to give her access to experienced tutors, so she could achieve her new career goals in a time-efficient and productive manner. When asked about her experiences with the Growth Company, she said: “The Growth Company has given me access to knowledgeable, friendly and experienced teachers and has provided a safe, effective and welcoming learning environment that enabled me to achieve my personal development goals and realise my full potential.”

Heather has spent the last 18 months working in the Construction industry’s domestic market on numerous endeavours from new builds to repair and renovation work, Heather said: “I achieved my ultimate goal to start a property development business in May 2021 - I partnered with my sister and a talented group of other female professionals and we are currently in the final stages of a refurbishment project.”

Working in a male-dominated industry, Heather has faced some challenges, however like all alumni, Heather continues to receive support from the Growth, Heather said: “The Growth Company has always kept its doors open to me, even after I’d completed both of my qualifications. They continued to support my career and offer friendly advice whenever I needed it. The impact of the post-qualification support offered to me, kept my morale and confidence up, which ultimately contributed to my success in the industry and continues to allow me to thrive to this day. I believe at any point in life, it’s possible to change the narrative and aspire to and achieve whatever career goals inspire you. The training opportunities and support made available to me by the Growth Company helped me harness both my potential and confidence to ultimately succeed as a female in the Construction Industry.” – Heather Derbyshire

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