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Lisa Brown's Management Journey!

10 Aug 2022

We recently spoke to Lisa Brown about her journey with the Growth Company Education & Skills on the Step into Management course. Step into Management is a 4-6-week course aimed at people who wish to upskill themselves in leadership or management roles. Applicants will achieve a Level 3 in Principles of Leadership and Management qualification.

Lisa works as a Clinical Practice Lead within a busy Children’s Community Nursing Team for a large organisation. Lisa wishes to use the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification to explore her role in the Childcare industry.

Why did you approach The Growth Company?

I applied for the Level 3 Principles of Leadership and Management course to gain knowledge about theories and models that can be used within my role and to explore the role of a manager.

What support were you given when you enrolled with the Growth Company?

Due to having no previous training in management and leadership, I was advised to start with level 3. I feel this was the correct decision and was the right level of learning for me. My tutor was extremely helpful and informative, and the online weekly sessions were varied in content and kept my attention.

My tutor provided support sessions weekly which I attended. She also planned a progress meeting which I found reassuring.

My emails were always answered quickly and any queries I had were dealt with efficiently. I felt that I was supported throughout the 6-week course. My tutor was very approachable and made me feel at ease at every opportunity.

Did you face any challenges that the Growth Company have helped you overcome?

There were no specific challenges, however, I feel that I am more aware of how I manage staff and of different leadership models when communicating with staff and peers. I can see triggers that can lead staff to react in certain ways. I am more aware of this now since looking at the models and theories.

What impact has the course had on you?

I feel I can plan conversations or discussions more effectively. I have learnt to think about the discussions more to be able to gain more from the individual.

I also feel that I utilise the coaching methods more than I did previously. I am used to problem-solving as have done this for many years, however, I am now more effective in coaching staff.

How has the course been for you overall, and would you recommend the growth company to other people?

I feel that this course has been excellent in providing me with knowledge about the management of teams. Looking at team dynamics has enabled me to look at my team and how they work together to achieve our outcomes.

I have learnt about leadership models and how these can be used to lead a team through change successfully and how different individuals need time to adjust. I am more aware of leadership styles that I can use interchangeably depending on the situation.

I have recommended this course to my colleagues, and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to become a better leader within their job role.

If you are looking to increase your skill set and improve your management skills, apply to our Step into Management course today! You can view the courses below.

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