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Marta Gomes digital journey with The Growth Company

10 Oct 2022

Marta Gomes enrolled with the Growth Company on the Digital and Social Marketing Bootcamp through Skills for Growth, to develop and gain new skills, knowledge, and experiences within the digital world. Skills for Growth – SME Support is a fully funded skills consultation service tailored to help upskill employees, improve productivity and drive business growth. Our expert skills consultants work at your pace to help you grow your business by identifying skills gaps, developing your talent, and enhancing your team’s performance.

Now having completed the course, Marta has been using her new expertise and techniques she has learnt to market her own business via social media. Marta was previously employed with the Growth Company but now works in the Health and Care sector, working with vulnerable people. We spoke with Marta to find out more about her learner journey…

Hi Marta! How did you hear about the Skills for Growth programme?

My previous employer put me in touch with the Growth Company, which led me to learn about the Skills for Growth programme.

Why did you decide to sign up for the course?

I wasn't on social media at the time because I felt I lacked some digital skills, but I knew that if I wanted to move forward and have a professional online presence, which was my goal, this course would be the ideal opportunity for me to learn the digital and marketing strategies to improve the engagement with my business. I knew that these strategies could help me sell my business brand, and on top of that, I could boost my skills and obtain a recognised qualification.

How has the free training benefitted you?

The training has given me the tools I need to manage my online presence on social media and have my business brand marketed. I have become inspired to become even more creative to raise the profile of my business and gained new skills and knowledge which has allowed me to improve my digital skills.

Have you moved into a new industry or secured a promotion since completing the course?

After finishing the course, I went into the Health and Social Care sector (community work) which I find very rewarding. For the time being, I am working with vulnerable people and doing domiciliary work.

What has been your experience of the programme/training you received?

The experience has been beneficial, and I wish I could have taken this course earlier! I've learnt so much and have a lot of ideas for future campaigns. I’m much more confident now because what I’ve been taught is the industry standard and the key to success, so there's no reason for me to fail. The tutors were fantastic; they were extremely helpful and supportive!

Would you recommend the programme to others?

I can't stress how much I would recommend this programme! You should take this course if you want to be treated as an individual rather than a number as it is a very personalised approach and if you want your company to stand out from the competition. The best experts in the field will teach you, and they'll provide you with the free information and resources you need to compete with other people and businesses.

Well done, Marta!

If you are like Marta and want to improve your digital skills, why not apply for one of our Digital Bootcamps today by viewing our courses below.

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