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Ni-Kylah praises the ‘supportive’ learning environment as she overcomes ‘tough times’ to gain a qualification

17 Sep 2020
Ni-Kylah Goddard came to the Growth Company because she wanted to complete her Certificate in Education (14+) course. She had a lot going on in her life and needed some specialist support to help her get to the end of the qualification.

Having recently lost a loved one, Ni-Kylah had very quickly become demotivated – to the point where she wasn’t sure that she would complete the course. However, with dedicated emotional support from her tutor, Sharon Mehta, Ni-Kylah made progress.

Speaking of her experience of studying with the Growth Company, Ni-Kylah said: “The emotional support I received from my course tutor, Sharon, was remarkable. It was evident that the concern was for my overall wellbeing, not just the need for me to make up course numbers. I faced many challenges during the course. Primarily, personal issues were a huge barrier to my learning. Sharon checked in with me during every session. The classroom atmosphere that was fostered, I could only liken to a safe haven. We would come from a long, busy day and offload (over a piece of cake) before diving into an interactive, engaging, and encouraging learning session.”

Thanks to the tailored support she received, Ni-Kylah completed the course. She added: “If it was not for the constant encouragement, the extra time given, the detailed and clear plans that were provided and the caring and supportive learning environment I would not have continued. The genuine care and concern were exactly what I needed at that time.”

Ni-Kylah has already recommended the Growth Company to her peers, describing it as a place where mental health and emotional wellbeing is just as much as a priority as educational development and career progression. She added: “I’ve nothing but positive words to say about my overall experience on the course. The most powerful aspect was experiencing outstanding teaching. As great as learning theory is, a lived example is second to none. I hope to bring this to every classroom I am afforded the opportunity to teach.”

Well done Ni-Kylah! We’re very proud of everything you’ve achieved and have no doubts that you’ll go on to do great things in your career.

If you’d like to learn in a supportive, encouraging environment, take a look at our courses or get in touch with our team today by calling 0161 233 2656.